Typographicus is a semiprofessional DTP program, which makes...

Typographicus is a semiprofessional DTP program, which makes you capable to print nearly everything from simple businesscards up to high-quality magazines.

It`s easy to use, fast working even with bigger pictures and with real-time changes preview (eq. rotation, moving). It allows efficient workflow with virtually no knowledge about DTP.

It can easily create labels, bussines cards, fliers and so on with it`s simple catalog of templates but it can guide you through wizards for creating complex documents like serial letters, magazines or address lists.

Your fantasy in document creation is boosted with availability of shapes, bitmap effects, barcodes and so on. Document can be printed on ussual home printers (ink-jet, laser) or exported in high quality for printing in specialized copyshops, and they can even be exported directly into HTML for internet publishing.